WVU Alpha Phi Omega 

Lambda Omicron Chapter

The Distinguished Service Key

The Distinguised Service Key is the highest award a chapter can bestow upon one of its members. To receive this award, members must exemplify our three cardinal prinicples: Leadership, Friendship, and Service, and must have completed 2 years within the fraternity.


David J. Whitacre

Spring 2017

Kenneth Weaver

Fall 2016

Vicki Cooper

Spring 2016

Heather Stewart

Spring 2016

Arnie Reed

Fall 2015

Lacy White

Fall 2015

Kaitlynn Anderson

Spring 2013

Sydnie Whitacre

Fall 2012

Eric Perkhun

Spring 2012

Lisa Lagana

Spring 2010

Cody Ford and Will Aucremanne

Spring 2008

Dr. Fred Heismeyer
Fall 2007

Joe Hayes, Emily Gibbs & Mike Csonka

Spring 2007

Mark Skidmore

Spring 2006

Brad Barnett, Sekhar Mamidi & Jeff Marcum

Spring 2005

Anita Windon

Spring 2004

Loren Tenney

Fall 2003

Dr. Keith Garbutt

Spring 2002

Daniel Stover, Erin Blake & Al Martine

Fall 2001

Carrie Edwards

Spring 2001

Ryan Dunn, Ann Nutter & Garth Lindley

Spring 2000

Dan Torisky & David Keely

Fall 1998

Rich Schlameuss, G. Corey Farris & Jeffrey Esposito

Spring 1998

Dr. James D. Mooney & Akihide Mizutani

Fall 1997

Jerome Hairston

Spring 1997

Julieanne D. Frueh

Spring 1996

Carla J. See

Fall 1993

Douglas M. Blake

Spring 1993

Dr. Marian P. Jensen

Spring 1992

Tracy L. Templeton

Spring 1991

James D. Hahn

Spring 1989

C.K. "Chip" Shepherd & Douglas Hilemn

Fall 1987

Patricia L. Meyer

Spring 1986

Marie E. Crouser

Spring 1985

Nanette Y. Calkins & Dr. Carl D. Hadsell

Fall 1983

Mark D. Williams

Spring 1982

John P. Dever

Spring 1979

Kenneth C. Ivins, Jr. & Leslie E. Herford

Spring 1978

Kevin S. Mallison

Fall 1976

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